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While we really like designing and building the new 248 series of machines, we’re smart enough to not change the things that have been proven successful in our machines over the past 10 years. Things like top quality components from major manufacturers like Sevcon, Trojan, Danfoss, Graziano, and Aeroquip. This makes service and spare part stocking easier. We’ve also improved on our commitment to make the machine easy to maintain, easy to service and easy to operate. Just like on our previous machines.

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The Bronco Machine from Sport Ice

We’ve taken the world’s leading line of compact ice resurfacing machines and totally redesigned them to give you MORE. More Capacity. More Power. More Options. Why? Because you, our customers have asked for more. We think you’ll like the results.

More Capacity

The Bronco machine is the premier ice resurfacing machine for mid size ice rinks. Based on the previous 240 and 248 models, the Bronco machines retain all the size, strength and character of the machines that have gone before while adding new features and options for even more performance.

The Bronco is available as the Bronco LE, the Bronco HD and the Bronco Li. Read on more for details as to what makes these the top performing ice resurface in this class.

More Capacity and Performance

The mid sized Bronco machine is designed for ice rink surfaces up to 12,000 sq. feet (1200 sq. meters). Since it’s introduction in 2014, as the 240 machine, the Bronco has been updated with three distinct battery systems that allow you to match the battery power to your ice rink size and ice resurfacing demands. The Bronco LE and Bronco HD machines feature lead -acid battery systems, with off-board battery chargers. The Bronco Li features a lithium-ion battery package with an on-board charger and battery management system. The Bronco Li also comes with a 100 gallon ice making water tank as standard equipment.

All Bronco machines feature a custom engineered tubular steel chassis that provides a light yet stiff and strong chassis that provides an ideal platform to produce great resurfacing performance.

Match your Machine to your Rink Resurfacing Needs

Compact ice rinks have been getting bigger and busier. That’s why we have designed the Bronco series of machine to allow you to match your resurfacing demands to the size of the battery system and also the amount of water capacity you need.

All of the Bronco machines use a 48V DC battery power package. However, this power comes in three distinct sizes, hence the Bronco LE, the Bronco HD and the Bronco Li machines.

The 48V DC battery power packages are available in three distinct models, the Bronco LE model for smaller or less busy rinks, the Bronco HD for heavy duty use and the Bronco Li, the premium model machine for large and busy compact rinks.

Snow Conveyor Power

One of the keys to ice resurfacing is the snow and ice “conveying” system. With more than 30 years of experience designing and building ice resurfacing machines (both compact and full size), we’ve come to learn a very important fact- a compact ice resurfacer is often asked to convey and remove more snow and ice ftome the ice surface than a full sized machine is asked to convey. This means that the small machine often works harder than a full sized machine when comparing snow loads. Knowing this, we designed the Bronco machines to give them even more snow conveyor power than before. We achieve this goal in five different ways; a larger diameter vertical auger slinger; a new slinger paddle design (patent pending); double flighting in critical auger locations; a new, patented vertical auger/oil tank design that reduces clogging and works as a hydraulic oil cooler and the industry’s only “operator adjustable” auger power flow control.

Vertical Auger Oil Tank

This new patent-pending design incorporates the vertical auger tube going through the oil tank. This means that the warm hydraulic oil keeps the snow from freezing in the vertical auger tube which reduces the chances of a vertical auger snow clog. The ice and snow in the vertical auger tube work to cool the hydraulic oil. This means that the machine runs cooler, and a cool machine is a happy machine. The 248 Series has unequalled auger performance. It even rivals or exceeds the snow conveyor performance of full sized machines.

More Options

The Bronco machines can be outfitted with many options. These options all provide additional features that help you build and maintain a better ice skating surface.

Part Measurement
Length (Overall) 288.3cm / 145.5"
Width (Conditioner) 160cm / 63"
Width (Body) 121.9cm / 48"
Height (Dump Tank Closed) 179.3cm / 67.5"
Height (Dump Tank Open) 271.8cm / 109"
Wheel Base 152.4cm / 60"
Wheel Track 160cm / 63"
Ground Speed 16kmh / 10mph Max
Machine Weight (Empty) 1046Kg / 2300lbs
Machine Weight (Full) 1323Kg / 2920lbs
Snow Tank 1.13 cubic meter / 40 cubic feet
Water Tank 284L / 75 US gal. Capacity
Hydraulic Oil 30L / 8 US gal.
Batteries 48V Lead Acid 8-6V Lead Acid Batteries
Blade 152.4cm / 60" wide
The operators compartment feature an all-weather seat with arm rests, a brake pedal with integral parking brake, an accelerator pedal, a steering wheel and hydraulic power steering control. The dash contains switches for the horn and light operation, the key switch and the FNR switch. There is even an optional power port available. Each machine now comes with a dash mounted cup holder.
The operator’s compartment also provides for comfortable operation of the hydraulic control valves, the water control rod, shaving depth hand wheel and the snow breaker handle.

Traction Drive System

The traction system uses a Sevcon Gen4DC control configured as a traction control, rated at 350 amperes. The DC traction motor is a Sepex style motor custom built by D&D Motor Systems, a leading DC motor manufacturer. The Sepex style of motor means no motor brushes, which reduces the service needs for the traction motor The motor is custom built by D&D Motor Systems, a leading DC motor manufacturer. The motor is directly mounted to the rear axle, which is manufactured by Graziano Trasmissioni. This axle model is similar to those used in thousands of small vehicles (like golf carts). The rear axle features drum brakes on both wheels and incorporates a parking brake as well. The traction system has been adjusted to provide full travel speed in the forward direction but for safety, the travel speed in the rear or backwards travel direction has been reduced.

Pump Control System

The pump control uses a Sevcon Gen4DC control configured as a pump control rated at 350 amperes. The control has the ability to operate the pump at a variety of speeds. The machine is set up with three pump speeds; low speed (or idle), intermediate speed and high speed. Typically the low speed is used for off-ice driving to conserve battery power. When on the ice, the operator can select the intermediate or the high speed setting depending on the ice conditions and snow load. Many resurfacing can be made a the intermediate setting thus extending the range of the machine. The speeds can be changed on the fly, which allows the operator to tune the machine’s performance to his needs. The hydraulic pump is mounted directly to a custom built electric motor.

Battery System

Bronco Series has been updated with three distinct battery systems that allow you to match the battery power to your ice rink size and ice resurfacing demands. The Bronco LE and Bronco HD machines feature 48V lead -acid battery systems, with off-board battery chargers. The Bronco Li features a 48Va lithium-ion battery package with an on-board charger and battery management system.

The battery chargers are matched to the battery system on the machine.

The Bronco LE is supplied with a Tru-Power 48V, 30 amp output battery charger. This battery charger is solid state and microprocessor controlled to make it a “smart charger.” This charger requires a 110VAC/60 Hz input. This charger can also be configured for 220VAC/50 Hz input.

The Bronco HD has two options for battery charger, the Tru-Power charger like the Bronco LE or it can be supplied with an optional battery charger with even higher output (up to 50 amps). The larger charger is also a “smart charger” and has universal AC input power capability.

The Bronco Li uses a lithium ion battery. While the battery performance of Lithium ion batteries is superior, they require a battery management system and a “very smart” battery charger. The battery management system and the battery charger communicate with each other to monitor the battery health and provide the correct charging profile for the battery. The battery charger and battery monitorying system are “on-board” the Bronco Li machine.

Vertical Auger

A new feature on the 248 machines is the patent-pending design of the vertical auger/oil tank. In this breakthrough design, the vertical auger tube goes through the oil tank. This does two things, as the snow and ice passes through the vertical auger tube – the snow cools the hydraulic oil. At the same time, the hydraulic oil (which is working hard so it is warm) heats up the vertical auger. The “passive heat exchanger” is effective in reducing the potential of snow jams in the vertical auger and the cooler oil temperature results in better overall hydraulic performance. The vertical auger transports the snow collected by the ice conditioner. The vertical auger rotates very quickly so as to move the snow to the integrated snow slinger. This large snow slinger throws the snow into the dump tank at a very high rate of speed. It’s so fast, efficient and powerful that the Sport Ice machines can compact the snow into a very dense package. This snow compaction effectively makes the snow tank bigger than it really is. The vertical auger housing features an integrated snow breaker and drain holes in the base plate to extend auger bearing life.

Shaving Blade Adjustment

Using the hand wheel within easy reach of the operator's compartment, the operator can easily adjust the shaving blade depth.

Horizontal Auger

The horizontal auger is a unique and efficient design in that it features single and double flighting - single flighting for most of it’s length on the driver’s side that changes to double flighting in the important snow transfer area. The snow slingers feature a new, more efficient design so that there is very little residual snow left over.

Down Pressure Springs

The conditioner down pressure system is comprised of three important pieces; the blade bar down pressure springs, the lift bar down pressure hydraulic system and the lift bar yokes and springs. Each of these items works together to produce the ability to truly shave the ice, not just scrape off the free standing snow. The lift bar hydraulic system provides for constant loading of the conditioner onto the ice to provide a stable and secure shaving platform. The blade bar down pressure springs eliminate blade chatter. The lift bar yokes and springs allow for additional performance in the conditioner to lift bar connection.

Simple Blade Leveling

The shaving blade is secured and the blade level maintained by the simple and robust blade leveling system. The blade level is adjusted on each side of the conditioner by rotating the easily accessible leveling screw.


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