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The Sport Ice 124E is a battery powered ice resurfacer designed for the smaller rink or for a rink that resurfaces only a few times each day. Although a 5000 square foot ( 464 square meters) rink is the ideal size for the 124E, larger rinks needing less frequent resurfacing can effectively utilize a 124E. With its high tech electric drive system perfect for indoor rink use, the 124E delivers the same performance as its bigger battery cousin the 224E, just with a little less range on the battery charge. The 124 machine is powered by Trojan T145 batteries. This battery is used in most golf cart applications around the world and there are Trojan battery dealers worldwide. The use and selection of a battery that is proven and available around the world allows for easy battery service and replacement for years to come.

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The Sport Ice 124G machine is designed for use on outdoor rinks. Powered by a reliable, Honda V-Twin engine with electric start, engine oil cooler and a hydrostatic drive system, the 124G has the power to perform all day and night. The 124G has been very popular on the larger outdoor rinks.

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The Sport Ice 224E machine is designed for the larger or busier rink surface (ideal size 8000 sq. feet or 743 sq. meters; suggested maximum rink size 10,000 sq. feet, 929 sq. meters). First designed and introduced at the Robson Square ice rink, located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, the 224E proved itself during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, when public skating demand averaged 300 to 400 skaters at a time on the 7500 sq. foot rink. The Sport Ice 224E features a larger battery package, using Trojan L16P-AC batteries. It is supplied with two battery chargers, with up to 80 amperes of charging so that the rink can “fast-charge” as needed throughout the day. While perfect for indoor rinks, the 224E has seen very successful use on outdoor rinks as well, with rinks and skaters all benefiting from the “green” technology of a battery powered ice resurfacer.

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