Vertical Auger

Vertical Auger and Oil Tank

A new feature on the 248 machines is the patent-pending design of the vertical auger/oil tank. In this breakthrough design, the vertical auger tube goes through the oil tank. This does two things, as the snow and ice passes through the vertical auger tube – the snow cools the hydraulic oil. At the same time, the hydraulic oil (which is working hard so it is warm) heats up the vertical auger. The “passive heat exchanger” is effective in reducing the potential of snow jams in the vertical auger and the cooler oil temperature results in better overall hydraulic performance.

The vertical auger transports the snow collected by the ice conditioner. The vertical auger rotates very quickly so as to move the snow to the integrated snow slinger. This large snow slinger throws the snow into the dump tank at a very high rate of speed. It’s so fast, efficient and powerful that the Sport Ice machines can compact the snow into a very dense package. This snow compaction effectively makes the snow tank bigger than it really is.

The vertical auger housing features an integrated snow breaker and drain holes in the base plate to extend auger bearing life.

Rutherford Engineering and Design

Rutherford Engineering and Design

Sport Ice machines are made by Rutherford Engineering and Design, Inc. in Mentone, California.

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